United Electric offers members manually operated Transfer Switches for emergency generators. This allows members to safely energize any circuit in the house with an emergency generator, while assuring that the generator cannot back-feed current into United's lines. The number of circuits that can be energized at one time is determined by the output capacity of the member's generator.

When purchasing a transfer switch, the switch must have a capacity (100 or 200 AMP) equal to or greater than the capacity of the breaker panel. United will only install the transfer switch that we offer on the meter pole and because of all the varieties of generators, it is the member's responsibility to attach the cord to the lugs provided in the switch. 

United also partners with Generlink, a brand of behind-the-meter transfer switches. Members must contact Global Power Products directly to purchase and pay for this option: 800-886-3837. Once the member receives their Generlink equipment, they may contact our office to set up installation at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

For more information on these options, please call our office at 888-581-8969.

In all cases, the meter pole and/or service entrance equipment is being purchased by the member and becomes his/her responsibility (just as if any other contractor performed the installation). All equipment on the pole, apart from the meter, is the member’s property. United Electric accepts no responsibility for the maintenance or repair of this equipment, and will not be held liable for damage to property, underground utilities, pipes or drains. Services are only available to United Electric members, and any pricing given does not include tax and is subject to change without notice.