7.3 Cents per kWH for your heating and air conditioning needs

United’s Home Comfort Rate makes electric the affordable choice in heating and air conditioning. The Home Comfort Rate is 7.3 cents per kWh and is available to customers with 5 kW or more of electric heating or air conditioning load.

Under this rate, your heating and air conditioning use is metered separately and billed at the Home comfort rate, which is about 30% less than the normal residential rate. To take advantage of this rate, a sub meter and radio control switch is installed that interrupts electric heat for several hours (3-5 hours is the most likely duration) at a time during winter peak demand periods and central air conditioning is interrupted during summer peak demand periods. Because peak demands in the winter occur during the coldest hours of the month, a thermal storage system or a backup heating system using a heat source other than electric is needed. The Home Comfort Rate is available for all United Electric customers with interruptible electric heating capability.

A heating option that is perfect for this Load Management program is the electric thermal storage (ETS) heating system. These units contain ceramic bricks that store heat to maintain your living area at your desired temperature during control periods. With ETS units (or an alternative fuel backup) you qualify for the Home Comfort Rate.