Electricity is a very safe and efficient source of energy that most people take for granted. Just decades ago, every day living consisted of drudgery and hard labor which has been replaced with the modern conveniences we know and enjoy today. Electricity, for the most part, makes this possible.

But high voltage electricity can be very dangerous or even deadly when people inadvertently come into contact with electric lines. United Electric Cooperative has available a high voltage demonstration it utilizes to teach respect, not fear, of electricity. A kite string, fire hose, a replica of an owl and tree branches are used to show what happens when they come into contact with high voltage electric lines. But perhaps the most eye catching part of the demonstration is when a hot dog, that simulates human flesh, is burned when deliberately placed into the wires. This sends a sobering but clear message to stay away from electric lines, especially downed lines.

Shane Farrell, United's Line Superintendent, and United's team of trained linemen will come to your organization's facilities to put on this demonstration. Or for large groups, United has available an outside demonstration at its facility in DuBois. Also, United has a table top version of this program which is ideal for classroom settings with children of various ages.

If your organization is interested in having a high voltage demonstration, or would like more information please contact Kacie Means at 814-371-8570 ext. 8506, 1-888-581-8969 or email kmeans@unitedpa.com