United Electric operates on a nonprofit basis, charging enough for electricity and services to cover operating costs. Net margins left over at the close of the business year are credited to members according to the amount of business each member did with the Cooperative. These margins are used for capital improvements to the United Electric system. Margins are returned over the years to settle estates and will periodically be refunded to the membership as general fund levels allow. Until that time, each member’s capital credit is recorded and kept on file.

Members no longer residing on United Electric's system are issued their accrued Capital Credits per guidelines established by United's Board of Directors. Below is a link to the list of past Members for which Capital Credits disbursements were attempted and unsuccessfully received.

Unclaimed Capital Credits List

Unsuccessful receipt of past Capital Credits can occur under a variety of circumstances. Mostly though, it is due to a changed or expired street and city address with the United States Postal Service. If you find your name on the above list, and feel you are due Capital Credits, please see the links below to properly correct the issue preventing United from sending you Capital Credit payments.

Capital Credits Claim Form  Capital Credits Address Update Form  Capital Credits Name Change Form

You may also donate your Capital Credits to Members United -- a voluntary member contribution program which provides limited funding for assistance to those in need. For more information on Members United, please click HERE. If you would like to donate your Capital Credits to this program, please complete and return the form below.

Members United Capital Credit Donation Form