Load management is a voluntary cooperative program to help reduce power bills. Load control switches have been installed on the electric water heaters of almost 4000 United Electric members. This saves the Cooperative, and in turn our members, by significantly lowering the costs of power purchases each year.

You can help save money too. If you have a residential account with an electric water heater, please allow us to install a load control switch on it. During peak demand periods— when United Electric pays high demand charges to the power supplier — we send a signal that interrupts power to the water heater for several hours. You will not notice these interruptions because well-insulated water heaters can keep water hot for many hours, even with the power interrupted. Water heaters are perfect for the load control program. When a Demand Response Unit (DRU) is installed on your water heater, you will receive a $3 credit each month on your bill for helping the Cooperative save money, and are eligible to purchase a high efficiency water heater through the Cooperative for only $100.

The DRU can be removed at any time if it causes you inconvenience, however, it is rare that members with DRUs are ever aware that they are operating. The DRU is installed by United Electric at your convenience and at no cost to you. If you move into a home that has an DRU on the electric water heater, just call the Cooperative if you have any questions about it.