At United Electric we truly care about the communities we serve. Our employees work together to make a difference in your community.


Two well established Cooperative principles include concern for communities, and education and training for our members. In keeping with these traditions, the Board of Directors of United Electric has decided to reinvest returned, unclaimed capital credits back to the community by providing educational scholarships to our members.

Several years ago, as a result of Pennsylvania’s lobbying efforts in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Electric Cooperatives are now able to use their escheated monies within their local communities. Escheat monies are capital credits from former members that have gone unclaimed because they have not been able to be located for 3 years. Legislators have agreed to allow the Cooperatives to use funds locally for specific community enrichment causes.

Application period for the 2024-2025 school year has closed.

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Youth Tour

Holding true to the education and training co-op principle, rural American teens have been sent for over 50 years to Washington, D.C. on the "trip of a lifetime," courtesy of local sponsoring electric cooperatives. United Electric is proud to participate and enrich the lives of high school juniors. Students meet with their elected officials, explore Capitol Hill and learn about the impact electric cooperatives have on their communities. 

2024 Youth Tour delegates have been chosen! Congratulations to the following students:

Caleb Verdill of Punxsutawney Area High School

Veronica Cunkelman of Harmony Area Jr./Sr. High School

Brook Cohenour of Brogue, PA (home-school)

Lucas Gaston of Brookville Area Jr./Sr. High School

Ada Huwar of Clarion-Limestone Area High School