Power outages may be caused by power suppliers, storms, equipment or material fault, lightning, wind, ice, trees, accidents, animals, fire or vandalism. United Electric's main concern is restoring power safely and effectively to our members in the shortest time possible. United Electric asks for your patience during times of outages.

If an outage should occur:

  1. Check your circuit breakers or fuses in your fuse box.
  2. See if your neighbors have power.
  3. Call the outage number Toll Free 1-800-262-8959.
  4. If your power is restored and goes out again call the outage number to report the problem again.

When you call be prepared to give the dispatcher:

  1. Your phone number
  2. Your account number
  3. Your name as it is listed on your electric bill.
  4. Your address, including location and nearest neighbor.
  5. Details of the outage, for instance, were there any flashes of light, accidents, lines down, blinking lights or loud noises that happened before the outage.
  6. If you get a busy signal please continue to call. Your call helps pinpoint where outages are.

In the event of a major power outage please listen to the following radio stations for important information:

  • WKBI 93.9 FM St. Marys
  • WOKW 102.9 FM DuBois
  • WDSN 106.5 FM Reynoldsville
  • WCOH 107.3 DuBois
  • WDDH 97.5 St. Marys
  • WMKX 105.5 Brookville