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"Cooperative in the Community"

At United Electric we truly care about the communities we serve. Our employees work together to make a difference in your community.

Two well established Cooperative principals include concern for communities, and education and training for our members. In keeping with these traditions, the Board of Directors of United Electric has decided to reinvest returned, unclaimed capital credits back to the community by providing educational scholarships to our members.

Several years ago, as a result of Pennsylvania’s lobbying efforts in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Electric Cooperatives are now able to use their escheated money within their local communities. Escheated money is capital credits from former members that have been unclaimed; and, the members have not been able to be located for 3 years. Legislators have agreed to allow the Cooperatives to use funds locally for specific causes.

All students*, including adult learners*, who are attending or planning to attend a university or technical school are eligible to apply. For an application click on the link below or call Kristy Smith at 1-888-581-8969, ext. 8507 by May 1, 2018.

*Must be associated with a cooperative member.*
Directors and employees, and their families are not eligible to apply.

Click here to download the latest Scholarship Packet

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2017 Rural Electric Youth Tour

The Annual National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Youth Tour was held June 11th – 16th in Washington, D.C. United Electric proudly sends students every year that will have completed their junior year of high school by that time. This year your electric cooperative selected and sent 5 students:

Abraham George:West Branch High School and is the son of Bruce and Jennifer George of Morrisdale.

Benjamin George:West Branch High School and is the son of Bruce and Jennifer George of Morrisdale.

Chelsee Krise:Brockway Area High School and is daughter of Rickilou Krise and Brandon Settlemeyer.

Hannah Shahmoradi:Brockway Area High School and is daughter of Anthony and Angie Shahmoradi.

Emily Trimpey:Clearfield Area Junior/Senior High School and is daughter of Frederick and Barbara Trimpey.

Youth Tour is designed to encourage the leaders of tomorrow by giving them the chance to expand their horizons. Whether the students are encountering the true cost of freedom at Arlington National Cemetery, or gathering information from their local Congressman or Senators, Youth Tour is a truly positive knowledge gathering experience for the qualified students who are selected to attend. The Youth Tour is a valuable and exciting learning experience, which provides juniors in high school the chance to meet other students from all over the country and tour of our nation’s capital.

We would like to congratulate these students on being selected to represent United Electric Cooperative at the 2017 Youth Tour to Washington, D.C.

United Electric has been sending students to Washington, D.C. for many years. This trip is, indeed, a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain valuable knowledge through historical site seeing and experiencing firsthand how part of the legislation process functions. It also provides an understanding of electric cooperatives locally, as well as through our statewide and national associations.

On behalf of the United Electric Board of Directors and myself, I want to thank this year’s students for representing United Electric so well.

Brenda Swartzlander
President & CEO

Stephen Marshall
Chairman of the Board

Youth Tour offers high school juniors the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C. for a week and experience all the beauty and history of the nation's capital. Each student is also eligible for the Jody Loudenslager Scholarship as well as the chance to be selected as the Pennsylvania/New Jersey Outstanding Youth Tour Student of the Year.

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